How much is a ukulele?

It depends. Some are very cheap and worthless, some of decent quality start at 80-100 euros, and some are very very good and very very expensive. Obviously, there are differences between each range.

When you are buying an instrument, you are paying for:

  •  The manufacturing process and attention to detail in the finish.The more detail the process requires, the higher the price. On lowest-price instruments (you will not find them among our catalogue) quality control is rare and tuning problems are too frequent.
  • The wood, essential to the sound.Those with a solid soundboard sound louder and better, and they improve over use. Laminated models are more economical,but they don’t have the same richness of sound, and barley improve over time. However, they are more resistant to sudden climate changes.A solid soundboard and laminated sides is always a good option for a good sound/price ratio. And, of course, each type of wood provides a different sound quality.
  • The quality of the tuners, the nut, the saddle, the fret material…
  • Decoration. More decoration, more expensive. These are details on which you can save or spend as much as you want to. It’s not a bad thing to consider that the borders on the soundboard and the bottom provide extra protection against hits, even though they make no sound.
  • The Set-up: The more time spent, the higher the price ends up. A proper "setup" adds a lot of value and playability to your ukulele. Setups usually include the following checks: string Action (nut/saddle), intonation (Frets), finishing (Tighten tuners, hydrate instrument...), etc.
  • For models issued from the same series, a soprano turns out to be more affordable than a concert or a tenor.

Source: Learn the Ukulele (reproduced with permission)

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