Guitar Riffs and Backtracks

Guitar Riffs and Backtracks

In the world of acoustic music, there is not an overwhelming amount of quality sites. For customers who may be practicing the acoustic guitar over the ukulele, I want to introduce you to the historic site on the theme:

For their 10-year anniversary, is offering 100% exclusive content, including many licks and rhythms and guitar riffs. Because there are already many sites offering tablatures and guitar lessons, this site now offers a whole new category: the riffothèque.

What will you find there? Almost everything you want: blues guitar licks for your solos, easy-to-learn rhythms, famous rock riffs to impress your friends, and even arpeggio movements. All of these resources are accompanied by MP3s to facilitate your learning, and they are classified by level. Similarly, you can also download all of these free guitar riffs in PDF format or save your favorites in your personal space on the site. All of these features are offered for free by the site’s guitar teachers’ team.

To improve your improvisations, you can work your licks on one of the many guitar backtracks that are also available. And if you have a competitive side, you can challenge yourself by measuring your abilities against those of other guitarists through different competitions that are organized each month.

Originally intended to primarily share scores and tablatures for acoustic guitar, today tabs4acoustic includes many additional topics, including the riffothèque, backtracks, improvisation challenges, video guitar lessons, and various essential tools for guitarists, such as a guitar tuner and a chord dictionary.

Structured around an intuitive navigation system, the site gives you access to the information you want in less than 3 clicks, resulting in a pleasant user experience. Everything is organized around the idea of building and maintaining a dynamic community, and interactions between members are facilitated well. Additionally, tabs4acoustic offers you the opportunity to open your own music blog, which you can use to share your musical moods of the moment with other guitarists.

With 10 years of experience in the industry, Tabs4Acoustic has become increasingly useful, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced guitarist.


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