Range Generator for the ukulele

Range Generator for the ukulele

Today we offer the discovery of a rather interesting tool recently published on Ukulele Tabs: a ukulele range generator for soprano, tenor, concert, and baritone (no less!). While tools of this type have existed for a long time for guitarists, this is the first we’ve found for the ukulele!

To date, the only available sources were all more or less identical, images of different positions of the major scale for soprano, an 15aine ranges (A, A #, B, C). Here, 3 types of tuning are available (GCEA, ADF # B, and DGBE), leaving no player on the button (especially those baritones, as is too often the case unfortunately), and no less than 70 different ranges are referenced! In total, the site offers no less than 3774 lines, making this tool an indispensable companion for every ukulele player.

The operating principle of this ukulele range generator is quite simple: using the dropdown list to the left, select a type (or tuning) of ukulele, a tone, and a range and validate.

An image corresponding to your selection will appear, showing you the notes of the scale and highlighting the tonic. From what we could verify through our tests, this generator is 100% correct. In short, it’s absolutely great! We just regret that the positions are not reported separately, but maybe this feature will be added later

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