Ukulele TopSites: Analysis

Ukulele TopSites: Analysis

This is a little note to present the top 2 lists about the ukulele where it is common to encounter the ukésphère, on which any ukulele webmaster worthy of the name must be present: Top 100 Ukulele Sites and Top 50 Ukulele Sites.

Both based on the same script (Aardvark Topsites PHP), these 2 sites have a strong history and offer many good options. Here is a brief overview.

1) Top 100 Ukulele Sites

The famous top at Pelican playing the ukulele is the younger of two brothers enemies, exploiting the capabilities forgotten by his eldest so rather strange, beginning pr SEO sites by categories: Blogs, Courses, Manufacturer, Shop, scores, tools. Besides the fact that the site navigation is very user-friendly, it is also a very interesting point for webmasters. Indeed, if to place in the top General may seem very difficult (the top positions are still squatted by the eternal indéboulonable Big3 - UT, UH, UU), be placed in its theme is much easier (indeed we are About 1 ukulele shop!).

Another positive point before the random layout of a site to each page load. Clearly, you might be the last top, have trouble taking off, you can pass the time behemoths of a moment. boost, it must be admitted nice enough.

Visitors should also take note of the possibility to note the different sites and post comments. Even if the notation seems attractive, it can be noted by others as useless or even harmful, as they deem appropriate. Explanation: Although voting from the same computer is limited (to one per week, apparently), the results can only reflect cronyism between sites, which does not prove to be of great added value. Regarding the comments, apart from their low interest in general, they are also filtered by the webmaster before publication.

Finally, note that nearly 100 sites are referenced, and they are reset each month based on the incoming votes for that month.

2) Top 50 Ukulele Sites

29.9.2016 update: This top is no longer active

This list is administered by the Boat Paddle Ukulele Company.

This is the oldest list and undoubtedly the most famous of the ukésphère; certainly, it is the one likely to bring you the most traffic (although ... if you are not in the top 10, the top 100 might be more useful). Level features, nothing special to report, made by a top there is nothing: no categories, votes or comments. No featured website and not a strange way not highlight the # 1 site: not only is not very fair play to do before the first site, but the way it is presented is rather strange and interesting shot. Let me explain: the featured site is less visible than the site ranked # 2. Taking advantage of the descent into hell of UT was a time, UH had proudly taken its place # 1. I then had the opportunity to monitor outgoing traffic on UH, freshly # 1. Final result: immediate drop outgoing traffic - which was later confirmed at the return of UT # 1 (the trends reversed).

The advantage of this list is that it’s the oldest; therefore, it has a better history on Google. Although this force also comes from the fact that the Big 3 are present on this top-50 list (UH and UU are not yet present on the Top 100), its relevance in terms of quality backlinks is probably best.
Operationally, the list is based on an average of incoming votes, which is reset every week. This is not really an advantage or a disadvantage; it's just a different process. The real downside to this list (the lack of options is an advantage of the Top 100 list rather than a real weakness of Top 50 list) is to be tied to a company that is directly related to the ukulele business. Add to this that, unless I am mistaken, the open-source script used to build the site is not mentioned or credited.

In conclusion, if you are the webmaster of a ukulele website, we advise you to register on these two top lists. In general, we prefer the Top 100 list because the options are more varied, while the Top 50 list is more neutral.

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