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The U900S has big bright tone in a small package (it produces more resonance than most soprano ukuleles), and it is very easy to play.

The super-cute logos on the U900 family get  the attention you are looking for. 

 Size  21"
 Total Frets  12
 Top  Solid Mahogany
 Back / Sides  Mahogany
 Fretboard  Rosewood
 Bridge  Rosewood

More details

TopSolid Mahogany
Back / SidesMahogany
Nut / SaddleSynthetic Bone
FinishMatte Open Pores
StringsAquila Nylgut

U900 S series

The U900 S has a solid mahogany top, producing a full and bright tone. The new, exclusive maple fretboard inlays make your playing easier. The new bridge design allows the top to vibrate freely and with more resonance than most soprano ukuleles.

The super-cute logos on the U900 family get the attention you are looking for. The Rabbit U and Bear 900 characters are laser-etched into the wood and soundholes. There are bear claws or carrots as the fret markers. No details were left out on these bad boys and each series comes with a U900 gigbag as an added bonus.



Headstock aNueNue U900S

These gorgeous instruments include aNueNue's classic headstock design with a laser-etched U900 logo and precise tuning.


Fretboard aNueNue U900S

The U Rabbit model uses rabbit’s favorite carrot maple inlay. The fretboard is made of Rosewood, a wood that transfers sound and vibration efficiently. Rosewood also adapts easily to climate changes.


Body aNueNue U900S

The U Rabbit model is the size of a classic Uke Soprano. It has a top made of solid mahogany for a brighter tone.


Soundhole aNueNue U900S

the U Rabbit graphic is laser-etched and designed with a 900 Bear soundhole. It is cute and delicate.


Bridge aNueNue U900S

The traditional Rosewood bridge helps to support the tension, while the synthetic bone gives a strong resonance.


Wood aNueNue U900S

The solid mahogany top is stiffer and translates into a fuller and brighter tone, while the laminated mahogany used for back and side is more durable and flexible.


AQUA Strings

Aquila Nylgut strings are made of white Nylgut from Italy. Nylgut is a synthetic material that is intended to combine the best qualities of nylon and gut strings. The strings are easy to play, good for strumming and have a warm tone.


Gigbag aNueNue U900S

The U Rabbit gigbag is designed in black and pink. There is a pocket at the front with a U900 badge at the center. Everywhere you go, you will get the attention you're looking for.

Sound Samples


This product comes with a FREE chromatic ukulele tuner, a polish cloth, a strap and badges (worth $50 in total)!

U900S freebies

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